Toaster Oven: Our Group Design

Daia Elsalaymeh, Dania Azhari, Dennis Leancu, Kevin Tsao, Michael Irizarry, Vitaliya Leonova

Our Interface

Our overall design for the toaster oven's interface is a touch screen, which would be on the right side of the toaster oven. It is similar in dimension to a phone. Its general interface is very similar to a phone as well, which is an improvement over the standard interface with that majority of people have experience with a smartphone (77% if people in the US have a smartphone and 92% of people age 18-29 in the US have a smartphone). If someone of that age range has never used a toaster oven before, or is using this one for the first time, they would have no difficulties of it.

This simple, minimalistic design also allows the user to take a very intuitive approach, even if they are unfamiliar with smart phones. They have one of two options: oven or toast, which is done with a simple swipe. The interface guides the user, step by step, with what their input should be and uses well-known icons to let the user know for what purpose (such as temperature and timer) they are now entering values.

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The "Home Screen"

This is the default screen of the toaster oven, where you are supposed to start by choosing between the two modes we provide: oven and toaster. Oven is the default option, and it can be switched with a simple swipe of the bar to the other side of the spectrum where Toast is written.

Oven Mode

Default screen when choosing oven mode.

Toast Mode

Default screen when choosing toast mode.

Oven Mode

Toast Mode

When choosing oven mode, this is the screen that first appears. It shows you the first step that you would need to do, which is choosing the temperature at which you want to cook your food. Once you're ready, you press enter, and you will proceed to the next screen, shown below.

When choosing toast mode, this is the screen that first appears. This screen also has the only step you need to make toast, which is to choose the % amount you want to toast your bread. There are ticks in the middle of the spectrum representing 25% darkness for the toast, as well as 50% and 75%.

Proceeding with Oven Mode

After choosing and entering the desired temperature, which would appear as shown below, you will proceed to the next screen, which would allow you to choose the temperature. This interface is the same as choosing the temperature, which is simply a 3x4 screen to precisely choose the values you desire. There is an arrow on the left of the screen to go back if you need to, and once you press enter, you proceed onward to the final screen.

Choosing Temperature

Choosing temperature in oven mode.

Choosing Toast

Choosing time in oven mode.

All Done!

Below is an example screen of what you will see once you've finished your input. The example below is specifically after choosing oven mode, and on the screen, you will see the temperature value of the oven and the remaining time to cook. You also have a pause and a stop button, where the pause button would pause the timer, just in case you want to enter or retrieve or check on the food for whatever reason. The stop button is for stopping the cooking process altogether, ending it early. For toast, the only difference would be that you would be able to see the percent of darkness you chose for the toast.

Final Screen

Example screen, in this case after oven mode,
after you've finished your input.

Possible Improvements

Most of the possible improvements we wish to make are to make the product more usable to a wider world audience.

  • Creating a choice between Celcius and Fahrenheit.
  • Removal of English words, replaced by universally understood icons.